Chroma key live

chroma key live

' Chroma Key Live ' gibt es leider fixfertig nur für Mac, man kann aber - wenn man weiss, wie - daraus auch eine Windows-Version machen. Hallo,angenommen, ich möchte mit meiner 60D einen live Chroma Key (grün) erzeugen. Wie ginge ich vor? Ist das mit den Anschlüssen überhaupt möglich?. This is the third in our series of posts on chroma key compositing. We've explored what chroma key is (a way of shooting a video before a blank.

Chroma key live - wenn Sie

Now you can see your actor composited on top of your background! The previous generation of digital video cameras recorded to DV tape and could stream their signal in realtime over a Firewire cable. Next, close out of the GFX Designer and put either a camera, media source, or graphics source into Program from your multi-view. To start with, go to camera properties in your source that contains your screen video. Von OKOkok im Forum Tutorials und aktives Filmen. General Caveats It cannot record. With Wirecast , chroma key processing is done in the shot editor, and can be done in the course of a live broadcast. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to live, on-set keying, some of which cost more than others, some might match your needs better than others, and some might match your budget. There is no Windows version details. Egal - dank Deiner Hilfe habe ich es ja gut hinbekommen! See more reviews for Chroma Key Live. Click on the live video image to choose your key color and load a Quicktime background file movie or still image.


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